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Director | Danny Boyle

Union Provides Creative Visual Effects for Danny Boyle’s Psychological Thriller Trance.

The visual effects challenges on Trance included highly involved 360-degree digital environments within London’s Docklands, as well as creating and animating CG gore in several notable scenes, time-lapse photography, digital matte paintings and many other invisible effects.

In addition, Union created hypnotic animations for the opening title sequence based on real DICOM data (the standard for transmitting medical imaging) from MRI scans, working in collaboration with Tomato, the creative agency that designed the typography.

“Working with Danny is a very creative and collaborative process,” said Adam Gascoyne, VFX Supervisor and Co-founder of Union. “We were involved in planning with all of Danny’s team from very early in the process.”

Tim Caplan, Visual Effects Executive Producer said: “Union is proud to have helped Danny Boyle achieve his vision on Trance, and we hope to work on many more projects together. The company is fortunate to be working with many of the UK’s most interesting filmmakers, whose projects present very rewarding artistic challenges for our crew. This supports our ongoing efforts to offer an environment where creativity can flourish.”