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The Great S3

Union Provide VFX For The Great Season 3

Elle Fanning and Nicholas Hoult star in the third instalment of The Great, the popular sex, death and foul language-filled romp through Russian history.

Union's work for The Great involved a crowd replication sequence and a series of musket muzzle flash shots.

VFX Supervisor Dillan Nicholls commented 'The Great was a fun and rewarding project for Union to help out on. The sequence with Nicholas Hault throwing severed heads into the crowd was very well planned on set and this really paid off for us as we had the crowd sprites we needed to fill the room, with performances, positions and lighting all set up well for the sequence.

"There was a lot of roto to do and a bit of problem solving, but the shots came together really nicely.

"The old-fashioned musket gunshots were much more interesting and involved more than your average muzzle flash, with the double flash from the flint and muzzle and big plumes of smoke and sparks to integrate into a variety of shots. We were supplied with some excellent elements shot on set which made this sequence a pleasure to work on."