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Union's Lindsey Lo Presti Visits Escape Studios' Evening VFX Class

In December Escape Studios asked Union if they would take part in a feedback session for the students taking the evening compositing class

This class is taught over 20 weeks, 2 evenings-a-week and teaches the students roto, clean up, prep, keying and other compositing skills. 

Keen to give students some real world feedback, we sent Lindsey Lo Presti a Compositor and 3D Artist along.

During the session the students showed Lindsey the shots they’d been working on that they hope to refine for use in future showreels to try to get their first jobs.

Lindsey had a busy evening with the class.

"The class of twelve students were all really enthusiastic and interested in learning as much as possible which was great.  We looked at all the shots as a group. I provided feedback on each one in turn advising them how to take the work to final and to a good industry level.

"My aim was to give them a plan to get to a place where their work would allow them to apply for a roto or prep artist position within a VFX facility. 

"Going through each shot in turn allowed me to introduce them to new techniques and pass on a few Nuke tips and tricks to help solve some of the issues the students were having with some of their work .

"They were really interacting with me, asked a lot of questions and seemed very excited. I wish we could have had more time together and look forward to seeing what they do in the future!"